01 Feb

Turkish Summer School Students are at the Capital

01 Feb 2018
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Turkish Summer School Students are at the Capital

   Turkish Summer School program organized by Yunus Emre Institute with the participation of 700 students from 57 countries, was hosted by 23 universities in 22 different cities. One of the programs organized in Ankara was hosted by Gazi University TÖMER. As a part of this program, 20 students from Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, Albania, the Philippines and Pakistan were hosted in two private dormitories. Students who studied Turkish at Gazi University TÖMER in the mornings, improved their Turkish skills.


Turkish Summer School students who got the opportunity to visit Ankara's historical, cultural and social destinations after lessons and to learn about the capital, visited places such as Atatürk's Mausoleum, Hamamönü, Eymir and Mogan lakes, Altınköy, Wonderland, Göksu Park, Mavigöl, and Ankara Castle. Students also participated in activities such as boat trips, archery and tile trainings, marbling shows, baglama recitals, picnics, and enjoyed Turkey's natural beauty during their weekends in Cappadocia and Amasra.


Turkish Summer School students who improved their Turkish skills throughout the month and learned about Turkish culture and history on site, will eventually return to their countries and become voluntary cultural envoys.


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